Blue-Headed Lory Hand-Colored Plate

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Blue-Headed Lory Hand-Colored Plate

By Mivart, St. George

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Hand-colored plate, approximately 9.75 inches by 12.25 inches.  From St. George Jackson Mivart, A Monograph of the Lories, or Brush-Tongued Parrots, Composing the Family Loriidae, plate 34, lithographer J. G. Keulemans.  Image depicts two blue-headed lories which are now known as the coconut lorikeet  (Trichoglossus haematodus caeruleiceps).

Publisher R. H. Porter
Publisher Place London
Date Published 1896
Date Published Estimated No
Edition First Edition
Number of Volumes 1
Reprint No
Condition Near Fine
Condition Description A near fine copy.
Limited Edition No