Characoids of the World

By Gery, Jacques

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Pp. 672; 300+ color photos, 100+ black-and-white photos.  Publisher’s original color pictorial laminated boards (hardcover), lg 8vo.  The blurb on the rear cover reads: "One of the most ambitious ichthyological works ever undertaken: the first modern survey of the suborder Characoidei, the group that includes harmless popular aquarium favorites like the cardinal and neon tetras as well as the much-romanticized (and much-maligned) piranhas and their relatives and such oddities as the blind cave fish.  Tetras, pirahnaas, hatchet-fishes, headstanders and all of the other fishes that until comparatively recently were all lumped together in the family Characidae are here given their proper taxonomic placement and shown in correct perspective to each other."  This is an important taxonomic and behavioral review of the tetras, piranhas, pencilfishes, headstanders, citharinids, distichodids, hatchetfishes, and many others.  No ownership marks and no signs of use.

Publisher TFH Publications
Publisher Place Neptune City, NJ
Date Published 1977
Date Published Estimated No
Edition First edition
Number of Volumes 1
Reprint No
Condition Fine
Condition Description A bright and clean copy in fine (new) condition.
ISBN 0-87666-458-3
Limited Edition