Durand’s Mycological Writings, 1900-1922

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Durand’s Mycological Writings, 1900-1922

By Durand, E. J.

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Pp. ~150, numerous black-and-white photo-plates and some line-drawings.  Early dark blue cloth, lettered in gilt on the spine and the front cover, some original wrappers are bound in place, 8vo.  Durand authored or coauthored 30 research publications, this volume includes ten of his longer papers including “The Geoglossaceae of North America” (Annales Mycologici, volume 6, no. 5, 1908) and “The Classification of the Fleshy Pezizineae with reference to structurally characters” (Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, volume 27, 1900).  Elias Judah Durand (1870 - 1922) was an American mycologist, and botanist.  He was one of the foremost American experts on the discomycetes.  Durand contributed to a broad range of botanical sciences, ranging from bryology and pteridology to mycology.  He was recognized and highly respected as an authority on discomycetes and was one of the first Americans to study the group extensively.  His personal collection, numbering 12,087 specimens of discomycetes, including 16 types, 27 paratypes, 2 syntypes, and 6,000 microscope slides, was deposited in the Herbarium at Cornell University, helping establish that herbarium as a leading center for the study of discomycetes.  Durand's collections included 650 types (mostly discomycetes) from other authors and herbaria, currently stored at Cornell University.  E.J. Durand described a total of 25 new species, one new form, one new variety, and made 20 new combinations of species. As of 2014, nine of his species and ten recombinations are still accepted (having not been assigned to another genus or reduced to synonymy under previously published names). Durand also described two genera, Gloeoglossum and Ionomidotis which were later sunk into other genera (modified from Wiki).  This volume is from the private research collection of mycologist William C. Dennison with his name in gilt at the bottom of the front cover.  Several of the bound papers are inscribed to Bill Dennison.  Rare work.

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