Gold and Megalithic Activity in Prehistoric and Recent West Borneo (Data Paper: no. 77)

By Harrisson, Tom and O'Connor, Stanley J.

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Pp. xiv, 331, (14, list of publication from Cornell University Press); 59 full page plates (mostly black-and-white photos, some line-drawings and maps).  Publisher’s original red wrappers, printed in black on the spine and front cover, 4to.  This is Data Paper number 77, Southeast Asia Program.  The contents include: chapter 1: The Santubong Complex; chapter 2: Sungei Jaong: Creek Backwater at Nowhere; chapter 3: Bongkisam: The Later Phase; chapter 4: Borneo in the World Gold Setting; chapter 5: Borneo's Gold Sources; chapter 6: Gold Appearances and Uses in the Delta; chapter 7: Excavated Gold; chapter 8: Gold Associations in the Ground at Jaong; chapter 9: Changes in Delta Goldsmithing (Jaong to Bongkisam); chapter 10: The Median Cut-Breach on Gold Leaf-Foil; chapter 11: Gedong and Jaong; chapter 12: Niah Caves and Jaong; chapter 13: The Iconographic Background of Jaong Suggested; chapter 14: Special Piece from Kongkisam; chapter 15: Other Major Gold Pieces from West Borneo: chapter 16: Comparisons Further Afield; chapter 17: Megalithic Cultures in Historical West Borneo; chapter 18: Batu Gambar and Sungei Jaong's Petroglyphic Boulders; chapter 19: The Jaong Pebble-Beds (and Gold Again); chapter 20: Touchstones; chapter 21: Stoneware Vessels and Pebble-Beds at Jaong; chapter 22: Other Jaong Pebble-Bed Associations; chapter 23: The Micro-Megalithic Idea; chapter 24: The Bongkisam Shrine in the Micro-Megalithic Mood; chapter 25: West Borneo's Megalithic in Southeast Asia; chapter 26: Micro-Megalithic Elements Elsewhere in Southeast Asia; chapter 27: The Dating of Gold (and Goldsmithing); chapter 28: The Megalithic Makers: Who, When?; chapter 29: Micro-Megalithic Significance; chapter 30: The Fear of Stone; 31: Other points.  From the research library of archaeologist Douglas Osborne with his bold signature on the top corner of the front wrapper.

Publisher Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University
Publisher Place Ithaca
Date Published 1970
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Edition First edition
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