Bird of Prey Hand-colored Copper Engraving

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Bird of Prey Hand-colored Copper Engraving

By Frisch, Johann Leonhard

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Hand-colored copper engraving, approximately 14.5 inches by 9.5 inches on watermarked chain-lined type of soft white paper. From Johann Leonhard Frisch, Vorstellung der Vogel in Teutschland und Beylaugffig auch Einiger Fremden, mit Ihren Eigenschaften Beschrieben…und Nach Iheren Naturlichen Farben, class 7, part 2, plate 72. Frisch began publishing this 14 part work with a supplement in 1733. It was finished in 1763 after his death by his sons and grandson. The birds were divided into 12 classes for publication. The title pages after Class IV are undated with the last date being 1743. The work is rated as three stars by Fine Bird Books and described as, “One of the most enjoyable of all bird books and rare.” This is considered to be one of the top ten greatest ornithological works of all time and the first great German bird book. See also Anker 125; Sitwell 97. Image description lists bird as a “Miluus” or bird of prey.

Publisher Frisch
Publisher Place Berlin
Date Published 1733-1763
Date Published Estimated No
Edition First Edition
Number of Volumes 1
Reprint No
Condition Near Fine
Condition Description A near fine copy.
Limited Edition No