Common Rat Snake of India, Ptyas mucosus: Their Functional Morphology and Bionomics, including a review of the deadly venomous snakes of India

By Dutta, Shiva

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Pp. xvii, 334, 200 plates and text-figures. Decorated color pictorial boards (hardbound), color pictorial dust jacket, sm 4to (10.25 x 7 inches). The Common Indian Rat Snake (Pyas mucosus) is one of the most common snakes, found in both hills and plains; it is widely distributed throughout the whole of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and peninsular Southeast Asia. It has been found at elevations up to 7000 feet but it usually prefers the plains frequenting open-country habitats in the vicinity of human habitations. The 16 chapters cover the following topics: 1. Introduction. 2. Historical Resume. 3. Classification and Systemic Position. 4. Methodology. 5. Bionomics and Distribution. 6. External Features. 7. Sexual Dimorphism. 8. Integument. 9. The Body Cavity. 10. Endoskeleton. 11. The Musculature. 12. Digestive System. 13. Respiratory System. 14. Circulatory System. 15. Urinogenital System. 16. Nervous system and sense organs. Summary.

Publisher Asiatic Publishing House
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Date Published 2005
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