The History and Geography of Human Genes

By Cavalli-Sforza, Luigi Luca, Menozzi, Paolo and Piazza, Alberto

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$ 39.00

Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics

By Nei, Masatoshi and Kumar, Sudhir

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$ 35.00

Molecular Anthropology: Genes and Proteins in the Evolutionary Ascent of the Primates

By Goodman, Morris, and Tashian, Richard E. (editors)

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$ 25.00

Genetics of the Evolutionary Process

By Dobzhansky, Theodosius

SKU# 16052

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Genetic Diversity and Human Behavior

By Spuhler, J. N. (editor)

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$ 15.00

Chromosome Variations in Human Evolution

By Boyce, A. J. (editor)

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$ 55.00