$ 525.00

A Revision of the Genus Gorilla

By Coolidge, Harold J.

SKU# 15475

$ 75.00

Aggression and Peacefulness in Humans and Other Primates

By Silverberg, James and Gray, J. Partrick (editors)

SKU# 15146

$ 50.00

All Apes Great and Small, Volume 1: African Apes

By Galdikas, Birute M. F. et al. (editors)

SKU# 16032

$ 40.00

Baboon Mothers and Infants

By Altmann, Jeanne

SKU# 17339

$ 25.00

Behavior of Nonhuman Primates: Modern Research Trends, in 4 volumes

By Schrier, Allan M., Harlow, Harry F., and Stollnitz, Fred (editors)

SKU# 15610

$ 50.00

Behavioral Regulators of Behavior in Primates

By Carpenter, C. R. (editor)

SKU# 16385

$ 15.00

Biology and Behaviour of Marmosets

By Rothe, H., Wolters H. J., and Hearn J. P. (editors)

SKU# 16375

$ 35.00

Chimpanzees of the Lakeshore

By Nishida, Toshisada

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$ 75.00

Colobine Monkeys: Their Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution

By Davies, A. Glyn and Oates, John F. (editors)

SKU# 18160

$ 85.00

Commentaries on South American Primates

By Ribeiro, Alipio de Miranda

SKU# 15032

$ 25.00

Comparative Primate Biology, volumes 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 4 in five volumes (a complete set)

By Erwin, J., Mitchell, G., Swindler, D., Stekis, H. and Dukelow, W. R. (editors)

SKU# 16154

$ 485.00

Connections of the Frontal Cortex of the Monkey

By Krieg, Wendell J. S.

SKU# 17083

$ 28.00

Conservation of Primates in Vietnam

By Nadler, Tilo, Streicher, Ulrike and Long, Ha Thang (editors)

SKU# 18000

$ 65.00