Olduvai Gorge, Volumes I-V in six volumes, complete (the original printing in dust jackets)

By Leakey, L. S. B., Leakey, M. D., Tobias, P. V. and Roe, D.

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$ 1,200.00

Evolutionary History of the Robust Australopithecines

By Grine, Frederick E. (editor)

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$ 40.00

Rhodesian Man and Associated Remains

By Pycraft, William P., Smith, G. Elliot et al.

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$ 40.00

L’ Homme Fossile de la Quina

By Martin, Henri

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$ 120.00

The Stone Age Races of Kenya

By Leakey, L. S. B.

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$ 385.00

The History and Geography of Human Genes

By Cavalli-Sforza, Luigi Luca, Menozzi, Paolo and Piazza, Alberto

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$ 85.00

The Shanidar Neanderthals

By Trinkaus, Erik

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Koobi Fora Research Project, volume 5: Plio-Pleistocene Archaeology

By Isaac, Glynn Ll. and Isaac, Barbara (editors)

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The Krapina hominids: An illustrated catalog of skeletal collection

By Radovci, Jakov, Smith, Fred, Trinkaus, Erik and Wolpoff, Milford H.

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Tepexpan Man (Early Man in Mexico)

By De Terra, H., Romero, J. and Stewart, T. D.

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