A Photographic Atlas for Physical Anthropology, Brief Edition

By Whitehead, Paul F., Sacco, William K. and Hochgraf, Susan B.

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$ 25.00

Bone Modification

By Bonnichensen, Robson and Sorg, Marcella H. (editors)

SKU# 19586

$ 70.00

Breathing Life into Fossils: Taphonomic Studies in Honor of C.K. (Bob) Brain

By Pickering, Travis R.; Schick, Kathy and Toth, Nick (editors)

SKU# 19584

$ 40.00

Patterns of Growth and Development in the Genus Homo

By Thompson, Jennifer L.; Krovitz, Gail E. and Nelson, Andrew J. (editors)

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$ 45.00

Naming Our Ancestors: An Anthology of Hominid Taxonomy

By Meikle, William Eric and Parker, Sue Taylor

SKU# 19582

$ 15.00

Comparative Studies on Handaxes found at the Bose sites in Guangxi, China

By Huang, Weiwen, He, Naihan, and Sagawa, Masatoshi

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$ 25.00

The Human Evolution Source Book

By Ciochon, Russell L. and Fleagle, John G.

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$ 50.00

Guide to Fossil Man (fourth edition)

By Day, Michael H.

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$ 20.00

Apes and Human Evolution

By Tuttle, Russell H.

SKU# 19543

$ 50.00

Framework for Dating Fossil Man

By Oakley, Kenneth

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$ 30.00

Fossil Metacarpals from Swartkrans

By Napier, J. R.

SKU# 19481

$ 25.00