The Prehistory of Africa

By Clark, J Desmond

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$ 15.00

Rock Shelters of the Perigord: Geological Stratigraphy and Archaeological Succession

By Laville, Henri, Philippe Rigaud, Jean and Sackett, James

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$ 45.00

Proceedings of the Pan-African Congress on Prehistory, 1947

By Leakey, L.S.B. and Cole, Sonia (editors)

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L’habitat et les activites de l’homme de Lazaret

By Lumley, Henry de, Pillard, Brigitte and Pillard, Frederic

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$ 55.00

Early Hominid Behavioural Ecology

By Oliver, James S., Sikes, Nancy and Stewart, Kathlyn (editors)

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The Lithic Assemblages of Qafzeh Cave

By Hovers, Erella

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The Skull of Australopithecus afarensis

By Kimbel, William H., Rak, Yoel and Johanson, Donald C.

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