A Geologic Time Scale 1989

By Harland, W. B. et al.

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$ 10.00

Biogeography and Plate Tectonics

By Briggs, J. C.

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$ 25.00

Economic Geology, U.S., in 2 volumes (text + maps), complete

By Gluskoter, Harold J., Rice, Dudley D. and Taylor, Richard B. (editors)

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$ 18.00

El Temblor del 14 de Abril de 1907

By Bose, Emilio

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$ 22.00

Fourteenth Annual Report of the Director of the United States Geological Survey, Part II: Accompanying Papers

By M'Gee, W. J., Peale, A. C., Newell, F. H., Cross, W., Lindgren, W. Keith, A., Diller J. S., Turner, H.W., Iddings, J. P. and Dale, T. N.

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Gemstones of the World

By Schumann, Walter

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Geology of India

By Wadia, D. N.

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Geology of the South Atlantic Islands

By Mitchell-Thome, R.C.

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Historical Biogeography, Plate Tectonics and the Changing Environment

By Gray, Jane and Boucot, Arthur J. (editors)

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