A Golden Souvenir of Kashmir and Ladakh

By Kowall, Earl, Kowall, Nazima and Mathur, Asharani

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$ 25.00

A Naturalist in the Bahamas

By Northrop, J.I.

SKU# 10671

$ 20.00

A Naturalist's Sojourn in Jamaica

By Gosse, Philip Henry (assisted by Richard Hill)

SKU# 17716

$ 75.00

A Visit to Ceylon

By Haeckel, Ernst

SKU# 15142

$ 30.00

Artist and Naturalist in Ethiopia

By Fuertes, Louis A. and Osgood, Wilfred H.

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$ 40.00

$ 15.00

Borneo Writing and Related Matters

By Harrisson, Tom (editor)

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$ 25.00

Burma's Golden Triangle: On the Trail of the Opium Warlords

By Boucaud, Andre, and Boucaud, Louis

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$ 13.00

Collected Works of the Central Asiatic Expeditions to Mongolia and China, in 7 volumes, complete

By Andrews, R. C., Berkey, C. P., Grabau, A. W., Nichols, J. T., Pope, C. H., Allen, G. M. et al.

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East of the Sun and West of the Moon

By Roosevelt, Theodore and Roosevelt, Kermit

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$ 40.00

I Married A Dinosaur

By Brown, Lilian

SKU# 16424

$ 25.00