$ 10.00

Born Primitive in the Philippines

By Luna, Severino N.

SKU# 18248

$ 12.00

Cultural Atlas of China

By Blunden, Caroline and Elvin, Mark

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$ 8.00

Customs of Zhuang Nationality in Black in Napo of Guangxi

By Luo, Hong (managing editor)

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$ 20.00

Folktales from the Land of Smiles

By Coombs, Andrew

SKU# 15796

$ 25.00

Houses Built on Scattered Poles: Prehistory and Ecology in Negros Oriental Philippines

By Hutterer, Karl L. and Macdonald, William K. (editors)

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Islamic Reform in South Asia

By Osella, Filippo and Osella, Caroline (editors).

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Studies in the Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology of South Asia

By Kennedy, Kenneth A. R. and Possehl, Gregory L.

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The Agta of Northeastern Luzon: Recent Studies

By Griffin, P. Bion and Estioko-Griffin, Agnes (editors)

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The Negritos of the Philippines

By Garvan, John M.

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$ 45.00