A Monograph of the Seal-Islands of Alaska

By Elliot, Henry W.

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$ 50.00

Balene e Delfini del Mediterraneo

By Wurtz, Maurizio

SKU# 13703

$ 25.00

Biology of the Phocoenids

By Bjorge, A. and Donovan, G. P. (editors)

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$ 125.00

Handbook on Whales, Dolphins and Dugongs from Indian Seas

By Agrawal, V.C. and Alfred, J.R.B.

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Investigation of the Fur-Seal and Other Fisheries of Alaska

By Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives

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Mammals in the Seas, 4 volumes, complete

By Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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$ 225.00

Miocene Desmatophocinae (Mammalia Carnivora)

By Barnes, Lawrence G.

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Otarioid Seals of the Neogene

By Repenning, Charles A. and Tedford, Richard H.

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