A Check List of the Species of Fishes Known from the Philippine Archipelago

By Jordan, David Starr and Richardson, Robert Earl

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$ 20.00

$ 25.00

A Review of Philippine Mugilidae

By Roxas, Hilario

SKU# 17513

$ 15.00

A Review of the Sparoid Fishes of America and Europe

By Jordan, David Starr and Fesler, Bert

SKU# 17840

$ 20.00

Age and Growth of Fish

By Summerfelt, Robert C. and Hall, Gordon E. (editors)

SKU# 17690

$ 50.00

An Introduction to the Study of Fishes

By Gunther, Albert C. L. G.

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$ 35.00

Aquarien Atlas, in 3 volumes

By Riehl, Rüdiger and Baensch, Hans A.

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$ 50.00

Aquarium Systems

By Hawkins, A. D. (editor)

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$ 68.00