Biological Evolution

By Price, Peter W.

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Body mass in Cercopithecidae (Primates, Mammalia): Estimation and scaling in extinct and extant taxa

By Delson, Eric., Terranova, Carl J., Jungers, William L., Sargis, Eric J., and Jablonski, Nina G.

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Carnivoran Evolution: New Views on Phylogeny, Form and Function

By Goswami, Anjali and Friscia, Anthony (editors)

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Catalogue of Fossil Hominids (Parts I and II of 3 volumes), Part I: Africa (second edition) Part II: Europe (first edition)

By Oakley, Kenneth P., Campbell, Bernard G. and Molleson, Theya I. (editors)

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Characterology: An Exact Science

By McCormick, L. Hamilton

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Charles Darwin and Down House

By Dobson, Jessie

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Charles Darwin, Geologist

By Herbert, Sandra

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Chromosome Variations in Human Evolution

By Boyce, A. J. (editor)

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Classification and Human Evolution

By Washburn, Sherwood L. (editor)

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Climate and Evolution

By Matthew, William D.

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Comparative Studies on Handaxes found at the Bose sites in Guangxi, China

By Huang, Weiwen, He, Naihan, and Sagawa, Masatoshi

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Conceptual Issues in Modern Human Origins Research (hardcover first edition)

By Clark, G. A. and Willermet, C. M. (editors)

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Darwin and Henslow: The growth of an idea

By Barlow, Nora (editor)

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