The Pheasants of the World

By Delacour, Jean

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$ 75.00

The Song of the Japanese Crane living in Kushiro in Hokkaido

By Crane Organization of Japan Airline

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$ 1,250.00

Those Intriguing Miniatures, Bantams

By Skinner, John L.

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Twenty-eight papers on Birds, Mammals and Reptiles from Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, The Ibis, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Annals and Magazine of Natural History, etc.

By Thomas, Oldfield; Gunther, A.; Hartert, Ernst; Oates, Eugene; Stoliczka, F.; Stejneger, Loenhard; Boulenger, G. A. and Pocock, R. I. et al.

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University of California Publications in Zoology, volume 21, no. 1-18 (1918-1926)

By Kofoid, Charles A. and Grinnell, Joseph (editors)

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University of California Publications in Zoology, volume 46, no. 1-7 (1941-1943)

By Ritter, William E. and Kofoid, Charles A. (editors)

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Upland Game Birds of Forest and Tundra

By Weeden, Robert B. and Ellison, Laurence N.

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Ural Owl (=Fukuro).

By Miyazaki, Manabu

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Wild Birds of Japan

By Takano, Tsuyako et al.

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Wild Birds of Japan 2

By Kiyosu, Ukiyasu

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