Early Tertiary Tapiroidea of Asia

By Radinsky, Leonard B.

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$ 10.00

$ 25.00

European Eocene Equidae (Perissodactyla)

By Savage, D. E., Russell, D. E. and Louis, P.

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$ 25.00

Evolution of African Mammals

By Maglio, Vincent J. and Cooke, H. B. S.

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Evolution of Biological Diversity

By Magurran, Anne E. and May, Robert M. (editors)

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Evolution, Time and Space: The Emergence of the Biosphere

By Sims, R. W., Price, J. H. and Whalley, P. E. S. (editors)

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Evolutionary Relationships among Rodents: A Multidisciplinary Analysis

By Luckett, W. P. and Hartenberger J-L. (editors)

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Fossil Anseriformes

By Howard, Hildegarde

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Fossil Antilopini of East Africa

By Gentry, A. W.

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