A Bibliography of the Fossil Mammals of Africa 1950-1972

By Cross, Margaret W. and Maglio, Vincent J.

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$ 20.00

A Bibliography of the Land Mammals of Southeast Asia 1699-1969

By Jones, Gwilym S. and Jones, Diana B.

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$ 15.00

A Hundred Years of Modern Whaling

By Slijper, E. J.

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$ 10.00

A Monograph of the Seal-Islands of Alaska

By Elliot, Henry W.

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Age-Studies on Blue Whales

By Ruud, J. T., Age, J. and Ottestad, P.

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Aggression and Peacefulness in Humans and Other Primates

By Silverberg, James and Gray, J. Partrick (editors)

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All Apes Great and Small, Volume 1: African Apes

By Galdikas, Birute M. F. et al. (editors)

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American Types of Animal Life

By Mivart, St. George.

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