Commentaries on South American Primates

By Ribeiro, Alipio de Miranda

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Comparative Primate Biology, volumes 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 4 in five volumes (a complete set)

By Erwin, J., Mitchell, G., Swindler, D., Stekis, H. and Dukelow, W. R. (editors)

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Conservation of Primates in Vietnam

By Nadler, Tilo, Streicher, Ulrike and Long, Ha Thang (editors)

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Current Primate Researches

By Roonwal, M. L., Mohnot, S. M. and Rathore, N. S. (editors)

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Development and Evolution of Brain Size: Behavioral Implications

By Hahn, Martin, Jensen, Craig, and Dudek, Bruce (editors)

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Environment, Behavior, and Morphology: Dynamic Interactions in Primates

By Morbeck, Mary Ellen, Preuschoft, Holger and Gomberg, Neil (editors)

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Evolution of the House Mouse

By Macholan, Milos, Baird, Stuart J. E., Munclinger, Pavel, and Pialek, Jaroslav (editors)

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