Birds of Arabia

By Meinertzhagen, Richard

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$ 1,200.00

British Moths and their Transformations, 2 volumes

By Humphreys, H.N. and Westwood, J.O.

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$ 750.00

Butterflies of Afghanistan

By Sakai, S.

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$ 1,000.00

Collected Works of the Central Asiatic Expeditions to Mongolia and China, in 7 volumes, complete

By Andrews, R. C., Berkey, C. P., Grabau, A. W., Nichols, J. T., Pope, C. H., Allen, G. M. et al.

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De Dentis in Vipera Virulenta Anatomia

By Hodierna, D. Joannis Baptistae

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$ 5,250.00

Histoire abregee des Coquillages de Mer, de leurs Moeurs, et de leurs Amours

By Cubieres, Simon Louis Pierre, Marquis de

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$ 950.00