The Primate Anthology: Essays on Primate Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

By Ciochon, Russell L. and Nisbett, Richard A. (editors)

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$ 15.00

$ 10.00

Fossil Anthropoids of the Yale-Cambridge India Expedition of 1935

By Gregory, W. K., Hellman, M., Lewis, G. Edward

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$ 40.00

A Guide to the Mammals of China

By Smith, Andrew T. and Yan Xie (editors)

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$ 40.00

Land Mammals of Indonesia

By Veevers-Carter, Wendy

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Comparative Studies on Handaxes found at the Bose sites in Guangxi, China

By Huang, Weiwen, He, Naihan, and Sagawa, Masatoshi

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The Human Evolution Source Book

By Ciochon, Russell L. and Fleagle, John G.

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Archaeological Data (Vietnamese Studies no. 46)

By Thong, Pham Huy (editor)

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Myanmar Buddha: The Image and its History

By Lopetcharat, Somkiart

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