Collected Works of the Central Asiatic Expeditions to Mongolia and China, in 7 volumes, complete

By Andrews, R. C., Berkey, C. P., Grabau, A. W., Nichols, J. T., Pope, C. H., Allen, G. M. et al.

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$ 4,250.00

The late Cenozoic stratigraphy and paleontology in Yuanmou Basin, Yunnan, China

By Jiang, Nengren, Sun, Rong, Liang, Qizhong et al.

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$ 25.00

Primates of the French Early Eocene

By Russell, Donald E., Louis, Pierre and Savage, Donald E.

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$ 16.00

Taxonomic Atlas of Living Primates

By Chiarelli, A. B.

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Primate Locomotion

By Jenkins, Farish A. (editor)

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$ 65.00

The Primate Postcranial Skeleton: Studies in Adaptation and Evolution

By Strasser, Elizabeth and Dagosto, Marian (editor)

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$ 30.00

Phylogeny of the Primates: A Multidisciplinary Approach

By Luckett, W. Patrick and Szalay, Frederick S. (editors)

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