The Lithic Assemblages of Qafzeh Cave

By Hovers, Erella

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$ 35.00

The Skull of Australopithecus afarensis

By Kimbel, William H., Rak, Yoel and Johanson, Donald C.

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$ 175.00

Olduvai Gorge, Volumes I-V in six volumes, complete (the original printing in dust jackets)

By Leakey, L. S. B., Leakey, M. D., Tobias, P. V. and Roe, D.

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$ 40.00

The Stone Age Races of Kenya

By Leakey, L. S. B.

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$ 385.00

The Shanidar Neanderthals

By Trinkaus, Erik

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$ 110.00

IXe Congres, Colloque VI: Les Plus Anciens Hominides

By Tobias, Phillip V. and Coppens Yves (editors)

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Early Man in South America

By Hrdlicka, Ales

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$ 15.00

Le Gisement de Ternifine, I.

By Arambourg, C. and Hoffstetter, R.

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Life and Death at the Pestera cu Oase: A Setting for Modern Human Emergence in Europe

By Trinkaus, Erik, Constantin, Silviu and Zilhao, Joao

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$ 175.00