Perspectives on Human Evolution, volumes 1 and 2

By Washburn, Sherwood L., Jay, Phyllis and Dolhinow, Phyllis (editors)

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$ 28.00

The Earliest Occupation of Europe

By Roebroeks, Wil and Kolfschoten Thijs van, (editors)

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$ 45.00

Early Hominid Posture and Locomotion

By Robinson, John T.

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$ 8.00

Evolution from Molecules to Men

By Bendall, Derek S. (editor)

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$ 20.00

Arboreal Man

By Wood-Jones, Frederic

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$ 25.00

The Speciation of Modern Homo sapiens

By Crow, T. J. (editor)

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$ 30.00

Major topics in primate and human evolution

By Wood, B, Martin, L. and Andrews, P. (editors)

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$ 35.00

Conceptual Issues in Modern Human Origins Research (hardcover first edition)

By Clark, G. A. and Willermet, C. M. (editors)

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